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19 August 2017
Spirit of Shankly (S.O.S.)

Rising ticket prices is a major concern for fans – the activity of the past few weeks has shown that – and fighting them is an ongoing policy for Spirit of Shankly.

The time of year is fast approaching when we have to think about raising funds for season-ticket renewal or the twice-yearly members sale. For this reason, Partners Credit Union, Spirit of Shankly Division, have come up with an affordable way for all SOS members to save easily and access affordable and ethical loans.

Liverpool FC fans who are members of the Spirit of Shankly Liverpool Supporters Union will be able to pay for season tickets in monthly instalments thanks to SOS’s unique partnership with Partners Credit Union. Fans can spread the cost of a season ticket into more manageable regular payments.

Liverpool FC (or the credit card the ticket was bought with) will receive full payment for the season tickets upfront, and fans will then make monthly repayments to Partners Credit Union over the course of the year.

Partners Credit Union CEO Tracey Fletcher said: “We have been in partnership with SOS for about 6 years now offering ethical financial services to their members. Our season ticket loans were introduced about 4 years ago but this year they’ve had a re-vamp with a lower interest rate. We do offer low interest season ticket loans to supporters of other teams, however the unique partnership we have with SOS means we can offer their members even better rates.

Partners Credit Union is a not-for-profit, savings and loan cooperative providing accessible, affordable and ethical financial services for people who live or work in Merseyside, for UK members or associate members of SOS, for people who work for an employer who has a base in Merseyside, and for North West Regional members of any TUC affiliated union.

Members savings and loans are insured for free up to £15,000 (terms & conditions apply) and we offer many other products and services for our members.. The Credit Union has more than 12,000 members with savings of £7.5 million and loans to member of £7.3 million.

How It Works

You join Partners Credit Union and open up a Membership Savings Account agreeing to save at least £2 per week. This is your own personal savings account and can be used for whatever you wish, the twice-a-year members sale or your season ticket, for example. Your membership of SOS will be checked with them.

To qualify for the loan, you must have been a member of the credit union for at least 8 weeks, saving regularly during that time. Exceptions may be made for long-standing SOS members at the discretion of the credit union.

Up to £2,000 (per family) is available to borrow. It must then be repaid within 12 months for the Season Ticket loan, and within 6 months for the Members Sale loan.

Loans will be paid directly to Liverpool Football Club or the credit/debit card that was used to buy the tickets.

The loans have been negotiated and have a special rate of 7.5% APR – much cheaper than those of typical credit cards. Examples can be seen below.



Partners CU

Mthly Payment

6 months

Total Interest

Mthly Payment

12 months

Total Interest

£800 Loan





£436 Loan



Loans for Members Sale to be repaid within 6 months

£499 Loan



£562 Loan





Wkly Payment

Total Interest



By borrowing from PCU

You Save:

Partners CU





Sunny Loans





Satsuma Loans





Information taken from know your money website 25.2.16

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