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19 August 2017


This account is the member’s primary Membership account and this must be active and members must be saving the required amounts regularly in this account before they can apply for any other products which the credit union may offer, including the Lottery and any Member Pay insurance products. In addition, members must save the minimum of £5 per month regularly, against any loan product they take i.e. member takes Season Ticket Loan therefore must save required amounts regularly in Membership Account as well as Season Ticket Savings Account.

Everyone benefits from regular savings, it allows us to work towards our financial goals and gives us peace of mind should an emergency arise.

Committing yourself to a regular saving pattern can be difficult but at the Credit Union its easy with various options available i.e.: payroll deduction through one of our sponsoring employers, standing order, debit card, benefit payment direct to the credit union, paypoint card, cash/cheque/postal order.

We have a number of savings accounts to suit you - all with FREE life insurance?

  • Regular Savings
  • Christmas Savings
  • Holiday Savings
  • Junior Savings
  • ISA's

Credit Union members can save as little as £1 per week. Small regular amounts soon addup and remember at the Credit Union you are not just another customer, but a co-owning member of an organisation which provides security and protection.

Contact us for further details or download a form today and send to the credit union.

Download Xmas Account Form (357kb) Download Holiday Savings (352kb) Download Rainy Dayz (209.5kb)

The tables below give examples of how regular savings can soon add up!


Weekly Savings Table
Amount Saved: £2 £5 £10 £20 £25
Year 1 £ 104 £ 260 £ 520 £1,040 £1,300
Year 2 £ 208 £ 520 £1,040 £2,080 £2,600
Year 3 £ 312 £ 780 £1,560 £3,120 £3,900
Year 4 £ 416 £1,040 £2,080 £4,160 £5,200
Year 5 £520 £1,300 £2,600 £5200 £6,500

Monthly Savings Table
Amount Saved: £10 £15 £30 £40 £50
Year 1 £ 120 £ 180 £ 360 £ 480 £ 600
Year 2 £ 240 £ 360 £ 720 £ 960 £ 1200
Year 3 £ 360 £ 540 £ 1080 £ 1440 £ 1800
Year 4 £ 480 £ 720 £ 1440 £ 1920 £ 2400
Year 5 £ 600 £ 900 £ 1800 £ 2400 £ 3000

Benefits of Saving with the Credit Union

  • Save as little or as much as you can afford;
  • Easy access if you wish to make a withdrawal (if not pledged against a loan)

  • You will automatically receive free life insurance on your savings;

  • Confidentiality is respected at all times;

  • No hidden charges or fees on any transactions

  • Credit Unions are mutual organisations-members savings are pooled to provide the resources for lending to other members; and

  • Depending on surplus available at the end of the year, certain share accounts are eligible for an annual dividend.

Savings from the Loan Related Savings Accounts may not be withdrawn whilst that particular Loan is in force. In other words members must always leave enough in the Loan Related Savings Account to cover this loan balance. If there is not enough in to cover the loan balance(s), then it cannot be withdrawn until such time that there is, in which case the difference between the loan balance and the Loan Savings Account balance can be withdrawn.

The purpose of the savings requirements is to help members build up a credit record with the credit union and to act as security for the specific loan.

It is a condition of any loan approval that in additional to the required regular savings in the Membership Account, at least £5 is deposited each month into the relevant Loan Related Savings accounts.


This account is for the kids. This IS their CU Membership Account, so it’s not in addition to the usual adult CU Membership Account.

Our Rainy Dayz accounts can only be operated by the trustee who opens the account for the

young person– this could be a parent, aunt or uncle, grandparent, godparent or even a family friend.

As much or as little can be saved in this account as long as it is regular savings per week or month.

This account can be quite flexible: the young person might save alone, or adults may pay into the account and allow the child to ‘top-up’ their savings occasionally with coins they save up.


The Credit Union may offer cash ISA’s and the Board of Directors will set the rate annually prior to the start of the new tax year.

Only existing members of the Credit Union who’ve been with us for 6 months or more and aged over 16 are eligible to open a Cash ISA.

When you open your Cash ISA you must commit to regular savings. If you save regularly into your Cash ISA then you only need to keep £11 in your Partners Credit Union Membership Account. If you pay a single premium into the Cash ISA and no longer wish to contribute to this then you must commit to saving a regular amount of at least £10 every month into your Membership Account.

The tax year runs from 6th April through to 5th April the following year.

Transferring in of ISA’s is not currently allowed.

You can save up to the allowed tax free amount in any one year for that tax year – no more

You can save this either as a single payment via cheque, debit card or cash deposit or as a regular monthly deposit via payroll deduction or standing order

You are allowed to hold only 1 Cash ISA with Partners Credit Union (you can have more than one in total as long as you don’t add funds to more than one in any one tax year)

An initial deposit of £100 is required to open a Partners Credit Union Cash ISA

Withdrawals can be made at any time without incurring redemption or penalty fees or any other costs

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